Dipping Manual


Dip the crown into the dipping liquid for 5~10 seconds.


- Remove remaining on the crown before dipping.

- Dipping time does not exceed 10 seconds.

- Liquid is used in a separate container and after dipping, it is stored in the liquid container immediately.

- Do not use metal tweezers.

- In case of Pontic, dipping after apply 1~2 times of pontic liquid.

* For Pontic/ Implant cases with a thickness more than 3~4mm, apply pontic liquid.  

* If there is different chroma due to large thickness gap after dipping, apply additional dentin liquid to adjust the chorma.


Rinse the dipped crown by shaking with distilled water for 1~2 times.

Use a clean tissue or air gun to remove any remaining water. 


- Do not use tap water.


Dry at 200~250℃ for 15 minutes.


- Comply with drying temperature and time. 

- It is recommended to make a gap for gas generated in drying process to flow out.

*  Add additional coloring after drying to express in detail.


Sintering with recommended zirconia schedule. 

(1500℃ / 9.5 hours)

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